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Habitat for Humanity has a vision of a world where we share one humanity, and that’s a world that we believe in and fight for every day. 

We are a faith-based organization, but we realize that faith must be coupled with works and action. As we share in the sadness, anger and uncertainty that have rocked communities across the United States, we recognize that we must do more. We must create what Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. called “the Beloved Community” — a community that includes diversity and allows for tension undergirded by love and leading to transformation. To do so, we must truly love our neighbors as we love ourselves. We must commit to tangible action.

This is our pledge:

We pledge to help build the beloved community. We believe that every single one of us — regardless of who we are or where we come from — deserves a decent life. Like Dr. King, we believe in a beloved community of justice, equal opportunity and love of my fellow human beings. We want to help build a world that leaves no room for poverty, prejudice or violence. We pledge to work together with our neighbors, side by side, to create strength, stability and self-reliance for all. We ask others to join us — it’s up to us to make this a reality.

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